games as art / art as game

The seminar Contemporary Fine Games /join is an experimental and playful communicative platform at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. It has a strong focus on the correlation between games and art.

Remixing, Referencing, Reaction, Reworking and Recreation are important strategies in media art: also and especially while working with the game medium. We will look at all kind of artistic strategies and practices, focusing on diverse forms of play – from deconstructions of the dispositive of computer gaming to performances, site specific interventions.

We will meet online and in class (dates will be announced online) to discuss, research and play!

To get a Schein, you have to join the hunt!

Good luck!

Rules for the hunt


find easter eggs to get unlock keys

an easter egg can be anything

an unlock key is a passphrase to get points on the score board


spotting abbreviations of Contemporary Fine Games can help to find an egg

reading the source as well

do you know the creator of the first widely-known easter egg in game history?




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Laboratory for Dimensional research
at Academy of Media Arts Cologne